Keeping up on recommended maintenance can help prevent costly repairs or a break-down later. We will help educate you on your maintenance options including oil changes, tire rotation, replacing engine air filter, transmission flushes, brake replacement and more. It’s important that we help you understand your options, this is why we take time to explain our recommendations and allow you to choose what you are comfortable with.

Some of the most common repair work we see as a result of not keeping up on recommended maintenance, or simply due to regular wear and tear includes, brake work, tires, ignition system including the battery, starter and ignition. Battery repairs and charges are relatively simple. In some cases, the starter needs to be repaired or replaced. Electrical system problems include issues such as blown fuses and lamp bulbs but could be something more serious. When it comes to these electrical issues, it’s best to receive help from trained automotive professionals. Fuel system issues can include your fuel pump becoming clogged, this is why it’s important to replace fuel filters on a regular basis. Transmission, exhaust work and air conditioning system repairs can be complicated, and we help customers understand their options. We offer a full range of regular maintenance and repair services to help get you back on the road!


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